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Alpha Kappa Lambda is a national collegiate fraternity that returned to Emporia State University in 2006. AKL is a diverse group of young men who share a common goal of developing into mature individuals.  Located at 1005 Constitution, AKL is the largest fraternity on campus, the top scholastic fraternity and has the most members in campus leadership roles.  This website is a record of the first five years after the chapter was brought back to the campus.  The above picture was what the group looked like in the fall of 2011.  Since then the fraternity has continued to prosper.

This site is a collection of pictures, video and other information about Lambda Chapter of Alpha Kappa Lambda from those first five years.  It includes pictures from the original chapter which started in 1949 and pictures for every semester of the re-established chapter since its first meeting in the fall of 2006 up until and including the fall semester of 2011.

To learn more about members and activities during those first five years through photographs, please start with the albums link.  The video link will take you to short videos of the installation of the re-established chapter in 2008 as well as videos of the 60th Anniversary Reunion in October, 2009.  The alumni link will take you to pictures of various recent alumni events as well as historic photos and stories.  The composites link shows pictures of individual AKL members since 1949

The undergraduate members of AKL share with the alumni a proud history at Emporia State.   The re-established AKL was officially made a chapter in 2008 after two years as a colony.  Since 1949, Lambda Chapter of AKL has been a brotherhood that embodies ideals of leadership, scholarship, loyalty, self-support, and Judeo-Christian principles.